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Dental Implantes

Dental implants

Implants are replacement teeth that are anchored directly into your mouth, similar to a natural tooth. They’re a wonderful option for people who have lost teeth due to gum disease or previous injuries. Depending on the number of teeth missing, your implants can support a single crown, multi-tooth bridge, or even a denture.


Am I a Candidate for Implants?

To be a candidate for dental implants, you should have generally good dental and oral health – free of tooth decay and gum disease. Adequate bone levels are important, to support the implant. After a brief exam and diagnostic x-ray, our Miami implant dentists can let you know whether or not implants are an option.


After Your Implant Treatment

Caring for implants is just like caring for natural teeth. Brush and floss your implants daily to prevent any infection of the tissues surrounding them. Schedule periodic cleanings and exams at our office (usually every 6 months) for continued maintenance and long-term implant success.

When cared for, implants have the potential to last for life. Call us today to find out if you’re a candidate!

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